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Out-of-this-World Summer 2025 Internship: Register Your Interest
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Out-of-this-World Summer 2025 Internship: Register Your Interest

Out-of-this-world Summer Internship 2024/2025 at Fleet Space Technologies - Register Your Interest
Empowering the Next Gen Explorers

Are you ready to embark on an out-of-this-world adventure? Fleet Space Technologies, a cutting-edge player in the space and satellite industry, is thrilled to be running our Internship Program for students again in 2025! We will be opening the application process in September, but if you'd like to stay in the loop then please register your interest with this form and we will be in touch closer to the time.

About Fleet Space Technologies
Fleet is an Adelaide, South Australia based, space-enabled exploration technology company on a mission to dramatically accelerate the discovery of critical minerals needed to decarbonize our global economy.  Electric vehicles and other clean energy technologies are vital elements of the world’s efforts to combat climate change, and these will demand many times more critical minerals than today, with an incremental value of over USD $13 trillion.  At the same time, finding new mineral deposits is becoming more challenging as we increasingly exhaust the supply of shallow deposits and are forced to explore deeper underground.  Traditional exploration methods are poorly suited to address this challenge, so a new approach is needed.

Our approach is to combine space technology, proprietary seismic sensors, cutting edge Ambient Noise Tomography, and machine learning to provide the world’s first scalable 3D exploration dataset with near-real-time insights to guide active exploration programs far more efficiently to new deposits.  This is Fleet’s flagship product, ExoSphere - a space-enabled solution for mineral exploration in real-time, in 3D, and under cover with very low environmental impact.  Since launching ExoSphere in March 2022, Fleet has signed contracts with over 30 clients including Rio Tinto, Barrick Gold and Core Lithium and completed over 120 Ambient Noise Tomography surveys, more than any other company in the world.

As part of Fleet’s founding vision to connect the Earth, Moon, and Mars, we also apply our technology to innovative solutions for defense and space exploration, including an upcoming mission to the Moon.  As a business, we are ambitious, innovative, and collaborative and we put our customers first in everything that we do. We love celebrating our successes, and we have had a lot to celebrate to date including Series C Funding and selection of our Technology to be the first Australian hardware to be deployed on the Moon.  We are a diverse group of professionals who have come together for one purpose - to build spacecraft for explorers of new worlds with a mission to connect Earth, Moon and Mars.  Come help shape the future through this fantastic opportunity!  

Core Values
The Core Values at Fleet Space Technologies guide us to our North Star of ambitious, collaborative success - AD ASTRA (“To the Stars!”) 
  • Add Value: Obsessively add value for our customers
  • Drive Excellence: Benchmark against the best
  • Agile Action: Take Action. Independent, fast, frugal action
  • Seek Truth: Be curious. Explore
  • Take Responsibility: Make decisions and own them
  • Radical Ideas: We are unique. We do things differently
  • Always Deliver: We always find a way to get it done on time

The Internship Program
Imagine being at the forefront of space exploration, working side by side with our brilliant team of space enthusiasts, engineers, and visionaries. 

During your internship at Fleet Space Technologies, you'll have the opportunity to:
  • Gain hands-on experience in designing, building, and launching cutting-edge satellites.
  • Collaborate on ground-breaking space projects that push the boundaries of technology.
  • Learn from the best in the business as you work with industry leaders and experts.
  • Be a part of our mission to connect the unconnected and make the world a better place.
  • Partner with your buddy to do real work on real problems that will drive Fleet further.
Registration Process
To register your interest for our Internship Program, please click the Apply Today link below, upload your current CV and we will keep you informed. Our application process will begin in September. 
Key Criteria
These are some key things we'll be looking for in our potential Interns when the time comes. We're looking for adventurous, forward-thinking individuals who can inspire the world with their love for space:
  • Adelaide-based for the duration of the internship. 
  • Have Australian working rights
  • Be currently pursuing a degree in engineering, geosciences, computer science, or a related field
  • Achieving excellence in academia (with consistent high grades) 
  • Possess a genuine passion for space, satellites, and the endless possibilities they offer
  • Showcase creativity, curiosity, and a willingness to think beyond the confines of Earth
  • Be a team player who thrives in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
  • Have excellent communication skills and a sense of fun to match our young and vibrant team!

Fleet Space Technologies is striving for a 50:50 goal of gender balance in this internship and we exist as an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds, races, genders, and abilities. The universe is diverse, and so are we.
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