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Become an Explorer

Ready to reach past the stars? Get ready to push the boundaries on what’s possible and redefine the future of exploration.

Graduate/PhD Internship - Geoscience & ExoSphere Research
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Marketing Specialist - Events, Awards & Sponsorships
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Quality Manager
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Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) Engineer
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“At night, you can look up
and see something you have
worked on”

Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO & Co-Founder of Fleet Space Technologies
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Humans of Fleet

What makes an explorer?

Meet the diverse team at Fleet united by a passion for exploration. Learn what makes an explorer and discover how we turn dreams into reality.

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“This is actively working towards my own dreams”

Dr Christopher Kemp,
Addictive Manufacturing Engineer

Intern at Fleet Space

Experience your future

Picture yourself playing a crucial role in shaping the future of interplanetary exploration. Join our internship program to experience what it’s like to build technologies that will enable humanity’s journey to the stars.

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“When I was a child I loved space, I wished to be part of the space industry”

Zahra Esma,
Lead Antenna Engineer

Be part of our STEM program

Space exploration for students

Our future depends on young explorers. 
At Fleet Space, we're passionate about inspiring the next generation and igniting curiosity. We believe in making space accessible to all to support the growth of the space industry. Join us in showing them they can successfully land on the moon.