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Boldly venturing into new frontiers

At Fleet Space, we are explorers, united by our shared passion to explore Earth and beyond.
The Latin phrase, AD ASTRA (meaning ‘to the stars’), is the guiding principle behind our core values. Guided by these values, we chart our course.


Our Playbook to the Stars

At Fleet, we transform ideas into reality, boldly pioneering the future of exploration.


Add Value

Dedicate ourselves to obsessively adding value for our customers.

Drive Excellence

Benchmark against the best, adopting an agile mindset for swift action and continuous momentum.

Agile Action

Take action. Independent, fast, frugal action.

Seek Truth

Be curious. Explore.

Take Responsibility

Empower ourselves to make and own decisions.

Radical Ideas

Embrace your uniqueness and do things differently.

Always Deliver

Find a way to deliver consistently.
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Make your mark

Embrace the boundless potential that unfolds when we explore collectively, united by a shared purpose.