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We create. We disrupt.
We solve complex problems.

Fleet specialises in seismic exploration, low-power connectivity, edge computing, and additive manufacturing. Our satellite constellation is the foundation for our groundbreaking solutions that are unlocking new capabilities in space, defence, and critical mineral discovery needed to achieve net-zero.

Pioneering the world’s first satellite-enabled geophysical sensor, our mineral exploration technology – ExoSphere by Fleet® – is accelerating global critical mineral exploration by delivering 3D subsurface models in days – radically reducing the time and resources needed to locate potential deposits with near-zero environmental impact.

Our mission

Scaling Responsible Exploration on Earth and Beyond

Our mission is to advance the frontiers of humanity with technologies that enable responsible and sustainable exploration of new worlds. Exosphere by Fleet® is revolutionising critical mineral exploration on Earth – making the industry more agile, sustainable, and cost-effective. A variant of ExoSphere for the Moon – called SPIDER – will even be used to explore the lunar regolith in 2026.

Pioneering innovation and excellence

Fleet Today


120+ crew members


7 satellites launched + more planned in the near future


250+ ExoSphere surveys deployed


35+ customers globally


#1 Australia’s Fastest Growing Company 2023 by AFR

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“Some people are born explorers at heart, they just 
want to see what’s out there, and I can’t help myself, 
I’m one of them”

Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO & Co-Founder
of Fleet Space Technologies

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Two visionaries – a rocket scientist and an entrepreneur – cross paths, fueled by a shared ambition to explore the final frontier.
Recognising the potential to unlock global discovery, Fleet Space Technologies was born.
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Lift Off

Fleet launched Australia’s first four commercial nanosatellites. Over three weeks, Proxima 1 & 2 and Centauri 1 & 2 entered Low Earth Orbit.
USD$26.4m was secured as part of a Series B funding round in 2021 to advance Fleet’s efforts to develop global satellite connectivity for Internet of Things.
Later in the year, Fleet launched its fifth and sixth satellites as part of the Centauri Program.
A Fleet scientist working on technology


ExoSphere by Fleet® launches!
AUD$6.4 million contract secured with Australia’s Defence Space Command, Fleet’s first defence contract.
AUD$50 million in Series C funding raised to globalise revolutionary critical minerals exploration tech.
Off to the moon! Fleet is awarded a AUD$4m contract with the Australian Space Agency for its Moon to Mars: Demonstrator program.
Fleet’s geophysical device, SPIDER, will land on the Moon in 2026 aboard Firefly Aerospace’s Blue Ghost lander – the first Australian seismic technology to land on the lunar regolith.
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Meet the Team

Our Explorers

Cultivating a workplace where innovation soars, diversity shines, and every team member is empowered to boldly explore uncharted territories is the most important part of our mission at Fleet.

Fleet STEM project participants

Fleet STEM Program

Building Tomorrow’s Explorers

Dedicated to inspiring the next generation, discover how we engage and empower today's students in the world of science and exploration.