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STEM Program

STEM Education
by Fleet

Exploring space or Earth’s subsurface aren’t just realms for imagination; they are promising career paths. As one of the world’s largest untapped markets for critical minerals and a growing Australian space sector, kindling a passion for exploration is pivotal for the future of the Australian industry and beyond.

Through mentorships, internships, student programs, and more, we are actively shaping the future STEM leaders of tomorrow.

“I love that the kids are so excited to learn and achieve more in this field than ever imagined. They want to look into space, explore it, and walk on the moon. How cool is that?”

Flavia Tata Nardini,
CEO & Co-Founder of Fleet Space Technologies



Ignite a passion for space and STEM in diverse youth.


Reduce STEM drop-out rates through targeted initiatives.


Explore STEM careers and pathways in local communities.


Collaborate with local organisations for mutual growth.


Forge strong links between the space industry and education for future innovators.

We need to explore new ways to engage with young people! Have you ever found a six year-old who is not totally in love with space? What we need to do is maintain that love through high school and university. This is what we do at Fleet!

Silvia Piccaluga, STEM Coordinator

Fleet STEM Program

STEM Program Overview

The pillars of our STEM program are designed to showcase the wonders of space and ignite a passion for STEM.

What we do

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What we do

Early Years

Engage students in STEM before age 12 to capitalise on their eagerness, bridge gaps and challenge biases.

What we do:

Onsite Visits

We guide students through daily operations, showcase our tools, address real challenges, and celebrate achievements. We make space accessible.

School incursions

We develop workshops and conferences introducing kids to the joys of STEM through hands-on experience with space technology and geophysical tools, to sharpen critical thinking skills and teamwork in an interactive and fun learning environment.

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High School

Inspiring STEM passion in Australian high schoolers is key to building a skilled workforce.

What we do:

Work Experience
Embark on a journey into space exploration with Fleet HQ! Open to students from years 10-12 for one week per term, our immersive program provides a firsthand look at the galactic projects they could be a part of, offering a unique and inspiring experience in space exploration.

A Fleet scientist working on technology


Empowering STEM graduates is vital for workforce development and innovation.

What we do:

Intern Program
Our internship program offers hands-on experience, fostering connections between graduates and universities to shape future STEM leaders.

STEM program attendees boySTEM program attendees girlA Fleet scientist working on technology

Pioneering Innovation and Excellence

Fuelling the future with STEM



LaunchBox puts the wonders of space into students’ hands. Through hands-on experiences, kids learn to construct 3D nanosatellites, launch them into the stratosphere using balloons, and retrieve the image(s) for review.



Teaming up with Robinson Aerospace Systems, we give secondary students an immersive experience in the assembly and operation of a flatpack desktop satellite kit, designed to empower students with advanced design thinking, critical reasoning and problem-solving skills.


Mission to Mars

We are sponsoring the Mission to Mars Program at Hamilton Secondary College, enriching the students’ experience on the simulated Mars environment with our ExoSphere technology.

STEM Events

Upcoming STEM 

Fleet passionately engages in STEM events throughout the year, fostering curiosity, innovation, and collaboration among students, particularly in the fields of space, defence, and mineral exploration industries.

August 2, 2024

Science Alive! STEM Day Out 2024

Adelaide, Australia
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August 3-4, 2024

Science Alive! 2024

Adelaide, Australia
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July 24-25, 2024

17th Australian Space Forum

Adelaide, Australia
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Fleet STEM Program

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