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Leveraging Fleet Space’s LEO satellite constellation to deliver advanced land, sea, and air capabilities for AUKUS, its members and their allies.

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Sovereign Space Capability

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From building Australia’s first Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation to developing technology heading to the Moon in 2026, Fleet Space is a defence-ready partner unlocking new capabilities in space exploration, defence, and critical mineral discovery.

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Resilent SATCOM capability

Pioneering Satellite-Enabled Defence Applications

Satellites around earth

Fleet Space is developing advanced tactical communications for the Australian Defence Force Joint Capabilities Group as part of ASCEND2LEO – a program aiming to demonstrate a LEO-enabled SATCOM system that delivers tactical voice and data transmission across vast distances. Fleet Space’s Centauri-4 is now the world’s smallest voice-enabled satellite after demonstrating Push-to-Talk capabilities under this program.

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Fleet Space is at the forefront of Australia’s space capabilities, bolstering the domestically-led space and defence sectors. In collaboration with government, defence, academia, and industry, Fleet Space’s deep integration of science, technology, and supply chains supports AUKUS’ Pillar 2 objectives.

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Space Engineering Excellence

Critical Minerals & National Security

Globally, governments are increasing their focus on developing secure critical mineral supply chains for national security. ExoSphere by Fleet®, powered by the latest advances in geophysics and Fleet’s constellation of LEO satellites, delivers 3D subsurface models of a survey area in days, rather than months or years, with near-zero environmental impact. Leveraging near real-time 3D subsurface insights, critical mineral exploration can be radically accelerated in support of efforts to enhance supply chain redundancy.

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