How to generate 3D subsurface models with ExoSphere

At Fleet, we aim to consistently pique your curiosity, encouraging a continuous journey of exploration. We asked our customers and valued network what they wanted to know. The overwhelming response was a desire to understand how we get to the final 3D model following a survey with ExoSphere by Fleet®.

Our webinar explores the comprehensive journey from initial Geode placement to the intricacies of the final 3D model. The process is systematically broken down into five key steps, each explored in detail during the session.

A notable aspect of our methodology involves leveraging ambient noise, drawing from passive sources generated by nature and human activity. The strategic use of ambient noise, with near-zero ESG impact, enables us to capture depths of up to 2.5km.

By seamlessly integrating space technology with satellite connectivity to each field sensor, it ensures real-time data absorption. This sophisticated approach allows us to construct the final 3D model set efficiently.

We invite you to watch this on-demand webinar, where we will provide a professional and insightful exploration of our 3D modelling process.

Who you will hear from

Dr Hemant Chaurasia, Chief Product Officer

Dr. Hemant has over 14 years of experience in the U.S. aerospace technology sector and has worked in influential positions across MIT, McKinsey, and Astra. Hemant completed his Masters and PH.D. in Aerospace Computational Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Physics at Monash University, Australia.
Tim Jones, Senior Geophysicist Tim has a passion for Earth Science and is currently applying Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT) to mineral exploration to help accelerate the discovery of critical minerals needed to decarbonise our economy.He earned his BsC at Macquarie University and PH.D. at Australian National University. His experience spans the University of California, the Carnegie Institution for Science. In 2017, he received an honor from the American Geophysical Union for “Study of Earth’s Deep Interior”.
Clarissa Campos, ExoSphere Marketing Manager (Moderator) Clarissa has over 10 years of experience in innovation and technology, launching products that disrupt the market. Her international experience across 3 continents, the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific provides her with a unique approach to innovation, strategy, and trends in the mining industry. She holds a Masters in International Economics and won the International Innovation Award for a project led in 2017.

The Agenda: What you will discover

  • How ExoSphere works
  • Ambient noise tomography
  • Geode and edge-processing
  • Monitoring in real-time
  • Inversion approach
  • Product demo
  • New product features
  • Questions and answers

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