In Perspective: Real ANT Use Cases

We are in a mineral exploration crisis, with most visible outcroppings and shallow mineral deposits already uncovered. Finding hidden critical minerals crucial for the renewable energy transition demands innovative technologies. We must explore deeper to meet the clean energy needs of the future.

Our on-demand webinar delves into Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT) for mineral exploration. This low-impact method excels in imaging beneath cover and at depth, offering a crucial tool for the challenges we face. Immerse yourself in recent case studies shaping the future of mineral exploration.

Whether you're familiar with this method or entirely new to the concept, our webinar is tailored for all levels of understanding regarding Ambient Noise Tomography. Dr Gerrit Olivier will unravel ANT with easy-to-understand examples, elevating your knowledge.

Watch the on-demand webinar below.

Low cost, low impact and easy to deploy

Survey Size

ANT bridges the gap in seismic methods: cost effective, low impact and sees under cover

Surveys Conducted

Integration to other datasets for a better geological model (Drilling, Multi-physics, ML)


Resolution can be adjusted: start with wide arrays and fill-in on key targets


Scalable 3D data, to form the 'glue' to piece together other data

This geophysics technique is a first for the mining industry. The solution not only meets ESG requirements, it is scalable, and compliments well with other data for a more comprehensive model to improve drill target accuracy.

Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT) has proven to be a formidable tool for delving into the Earth's depths, unveiling mineral deposits, hydrocarbons, geothermal riches, fault lines, volcanic activity, and critical geotechnical insights. 

The mining industry's future hinges on harnessing technology to uncover the resources hidden below the surface.

Now, by using ANT for mineral exploration, exploration teams can increase their confidence in drill targeting

Your Fleet Team: Who you will hear from

Dr Gerrit Olivier, Chief Scientist

Dr Gerrit Olivier is former Director and Head of Applied Geophysics at the Institute of Mine Seismology and Senior Adjunct Researcher at the Centre for Ore Deposits and Earth Sciences at the University of Tasmania. He is a pioneer in using ambient seismic noise-based methods in the mineral and materials exploration industry. Dr Olivier completed his MSc in Theoretical Physics at the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) and his PhD in Geophysics at the Université Grenoble Alpes (France) and holds numerous awards for his work in ambient seismic tomography. Dr Gerrit Olivier is leading the team that aims to deploy a geophysical device on the dark side of the Moon by 2025 that will improve our understanding of its interior composition and formation

The Agenda: What you will discover

  • Use Cases

Hear how Ambient Noise Tomography is being applied in practical use cases from exploring under thick cover to the opportunities it creates for mineral exploration.

Want to hear more? 

You can watch more of this webinar to learn more about: 

  • Seismic Methods
  • Ambient Seismic Noise Tomography: History and Applications
  • ANT Demonstration

Watch the complete webinar here.

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