Project: Rex Minerals X Fleet Space Technologies

Location: Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Commodity: Copper

Deposit type: IOCG

Rex Minerals (RXM) is a leading ASX-listed exploration and development company known for its innovative techniques. The Hillside Project, its flagship endeavour, aims to establish an open-pit mine, projecting to yield 507,000 tonnes of copper and 436,000 ounces of gold concentrate over an 11-year mine life during its initial Stage 1 operation.


The Hillside IOCG Project is located within the Yorke Peninsula area of South Australia, forming part of the Olympic Copper Gold Province within the Gawler Craton. Rex Minerals seeks to expand its explorative understanding of the region to boost exploration strategies and discoveries.

Exploration Challenges

While the Hillside deposit has been drilled and resource identified, the cover means that there may be extensions of the deposit that are as yet identified. ANT was undertaken in order to compare with existing high-resolution potential field data to integrate this with the deposit knowledge.

Our Approach

ExoSphere by Fleet® was deployed to deliver real-time mapping at depth to expand and confirm existing data and identify future areas of interest.

“The ExoSphere by Fleet® survey provided close to real-time data which we consider cutting edge, supporting our knowledge of the site and giving valuable complementary data for future exploration targeting.” - Craig Went, Geology Manager, Rex Minerals


The survey was successfully concluded after 14 days and accurately captured the structural framework of the Hillside deposit, which controls and hosts the mineralisation.


  • Using ANT reduced exploration risks.
  • 3D velocity models down to 1km in depth. 
  • Identification of potential areas for future exploration. 
  • Exploration timelines were significantly reduced compared to traditional methods.
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