Project: HIllgrove Resources X Fleet Space Technologies

Location: South Australia, Australia

Commodity: Copper, Gold

Deposit type: Sediment-hosted, orogenic

Hillgrove Resources Limited is an ASX-listed Australian resource company and owner of the Kanmantoo Copper Mine. The company has been operating within South Australia for 15 years with strong operational experience, Award-winning mining stakeholder engagement, and recognition of best ESG practices.


In South Australia, Hillgrove Resources has an exploration program that aims to quickly assess a large tenement area to quantify the likelihood and location of significant copper deposits.

Exploration Challenges

Locating copper in the tenement proves challenging due to the sandy cover, extensive area size, and numerous landholders' involvement. ExoSphere effectively dealt with these difficulties by collecting and modelling data along public roads, significantly reducing the timeframe from years to months for generating a map highlighting priority zones for engaging with landowners.

Our Approach

The survey was conducted by placing sensors, the Geodes, along the public roads to collect subsurface data without disturbing the numerous landowners and with the ability to modify the survey in real-time.

“We can do the survey within a week and the fieldwork for a detailed grid takes only a few months instead of years. We are saving years of exploration time and discoveries (...) There is nothing else in the market like ExoSphere at the moment.” Peter Rolley, Chief Geologist and Exploration Manager, Hillgrove Resources


The 3D survey results identified a local shallow velocity anomaly at a known Cu-Zn prospect, mapping the depth to basement and matching drilling results. It also identified faults and structures at depth and potential deep intrusions that could become future drilling targets. The survey results were successful, fast-tracking mineral exploration in just a few months instead of years and with major ESG benefits for land access, minimal impact on the environment and on the local communities.

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