Project: Thor Energy PLC x Fleet Space Technologies

Location: South Australia, Australia

Commodity: Copper

Deposit Type: IOCG

Geodes: 96

Thor Energy PLC is an exploration company primarily focusing on uranium and energy metals, which are vital in transitioning to a sustainable 'green' energy economy. Since September 2023, Fleet has been collaborating with Thor to enhance their understanding of the geography of the Alford East Copper-REE Project in South Australia.

This partnership signifies the convergence of advanced technologies, bringing together Fleet's state-of-the-art space capabilities, ExoSphere by Fleet®, and Thor's extensive expertise in mineral exploration. The Alford East Project is the epicentre of this transformative alliance, heralding a new era characterised by heightened efficiency and unparalleled precision.

Journey  Mapping

October - November 2023: ANT Survey Deployment

Low-impact ANT surveys were commenced to delineate the low-velocity, weathered ‘troughs’ that host the oxide copper-REE mineralisation within the Alford Copper Belt. The surveys were completed in November 2023, achieving the mission aim.

November – December 2023: Modelling of ANT Results and Target Generation

Utilizing AI, incorporate Thor's 3D model to extrapolate controlling structures along the Alford Copper Belt. Develop targets from the final 3D Model.

Collaboration Highlights

Fleet will employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to integrate ANT survey results with Thor's existing 3D geological model, creating a novel model for pinpointing drill locations focusing on higher-grade oxide copper-gold mineralisation.

This will bridge the gap between space technology and mineral exploration while accelerating exploration efforts to unlock potential discoveries.

The survey findings will significantly influence decision-making and enhance the targeting strategy for upcoming drilling campaigns. Subsequent drilling endeavours will specifically focus on areas with low seismic velocity, renowned for hosting oxidised copper-gold mineralisation that aligns with the potential for In-Situ Recovery ("ISR").

“Thor is very pleased with the progress made by Fleet Space Technologies, with the completion of the ANT surveys in a timely and efficient manner and their preliminary models defining the low-velocity troughs." - Nicole Galloway Warland, Managing Director, Thor Energy PLC

This collaboration is set to pave the way for highly targeted drilling campaigns and expedited exploration endeavours, fundamentally changing the landscape of mineral exploration.  

Fleet is currently reviewing the ANT data, integrating the ANT results with Thor’s 3D geological model using AI and ML, and generating an improved geological model for targeting extensions to the troughs that host higher-grade oxide copper-gold mineralisation.

Stay tuned for drilling updates in 2024.